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I’m glad you’re here! My name is Shannon Anderson Brandt and I live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada with my two sons. Since 2003, when my boys were two and four years old, I have been a single-mom.

Recently the Lord has placed on my heart to share with other single mom’s how God has been faithful to us on our journey, and what He has taught me. I pray that I may encourage you and help to strengthen your relationship with Christ through my blog. But, more simply, I want you to know that you are not alone and that God will bring you and your children through this time.

Being a single-mom is no easy task and we need to walk closely with the Lord so that He can bring healing to our children’s hearts and our own.

I hope to blend my passion for photography with my love of God’s word to create a new post every three weeks. This is a quiet place for single mothers, who love the Lord Jesus Christ as their Savior, to come and be lifted up and draw closer to our loving Father. I pray my photographs will help plant God’s Word in your heart; that you may be strengthened and blessed for having stopped by.

May God’s peace be with you today!


2 thoughts on “About My Blog

  1. Shannon, thank you for speaking up for a group of often neglected believers in the church. I hope you receive a wide hearing.

    Also, I want to suggest a couple of Christian organizations that provide support for single moms: The Life of a Single Mom (TheLifeofaSingleMom.com) and New Commandment Men’s Ministries (NewCommandment.org).

    Herb Reese


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